The Critical Hour: Weekly News Wrap Up (11.05.2024)

In this The Critical Hour interview, Richard Wolff talks about the false narrative presented by capitalism's proponents regarding its benefits and the historical struggle required for workers' advancements. He critiques the stagnant federal minimum wage in the U.S. and highlights the resistance of capitalist structures to improve workers' livelihood. Wolff also dismantles the notion that China's success is attributable to capitalism, crediting their socialist approach for lifting millions out of poverty. He further argues that criticisms of China's and Russia's political systems are rooted in their refusal to submit to Western hegemony, not their actual governance models. Lastly, Wolff insists that America's decline is the result of systemic economic issues rather than external factors, challenging listeners to critically assess the reality of global economic shifts.

Prof. Wolff's segment - (0:00 - 21:00)

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