The End of Financial Colonialism

Richard D. Wolff and Michael Hudson

Dialogue Works features Richard Wolff and Michael Hudson discussing the evolving geopolitical climate, specifically focusing on the shifts in global power dynamics involving Russia, China, and the West. He talks about the complex interplay between international trade, political ideologies, and the apparent failure of the U.S. to adapt to a multipolar world moving away from dollar hegemony. Both Wolff and his fellow speaker express doubts about the effectiveness of current U.S. foreign policies, criticizing their aggressive stance towards China and Russia. They predict worsening global relations unless there is a significant shift toward cooperation, and they highlight the potential for emerging economies to reset their financial and trade frameworks independent of the U.S. influence. Lastly, the interview touches on the diminishing impact of two-party political systems and the long-term implications of ongoing global conflicts.

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