The Sickness is The System: When Capitalism Fails to Save Us from Pandemics or Itself - Animated Video

This animated video provides an overview of Prof. Wolff's latest book, The Sickness is the System: When Capitalism Fails to Save Us from Pandemics or Itself.

The coronavirus pandemic, the deepening economic crash, dangerously divisive political responses, and exploding social tensions have thrown an already declining American capitalist system into a tailspin. The consequences of these mounting and intertwined crises will shape our future. In this unique collection of over 50 essays, The Sickness is the System: When Capitalism Fails to Save Us from Pandemics or Itself, Richard D. Wolff argues clearly that "returning to normal" no longer responds adequately to the accumulated problems of US capitalism. What is necessary, instead, is transition toward a new economic system that works for all of us.

The Sickness is the System is published by Democracy at Work. Professor Wolff generously donated his time and work so that all sales revenue could go to support [email protected]

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"Indeed, his book is so thorough, so comprehensive in its insightful analysis, that it is a practically a one-stop center for anyone who wants to understand why the year 2020 has been such a dumpster fire." - SALON


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  • David Moskowitz MD
    commented 2020-11-26 07:58:11 -0500
    The failure of public health revealed by the COVID19 pandemic is systemic, not just due to austerity measures, Public health shriveled since it defeated polio in our childhood. Lucrative diseases aren’t eliminated any more. They’re kept around to generate revenue and promote careers. Nowadays public health authorities would offer an X Prize for a better iron lung. In my field of kidney dialysis, the NIH and National Kidney Foundation did just that, even though I published how to prevent most dialysis in 2002 (1).

    Sacrificing a quarter of a million Americans for a profitable vaccine is the height of capitalist corruption. Especially since a simple cure for COVID19, ignored by the media like my dialysis protocol, was published in early May, 2020 (2).

    The complicity of the media in the public health hell we find ourselves in cannot be overstated. Public education is key to public health. The media have yet to breathe a word about my protocols for dialysis or COVID19. In fact, the hours I spent every day on LinkedIn trying to spread word of quercetin for COVID19 were recently rewarded by LinkedIn freezing my account. I wonder how many lives Reid Hoffman just snuffed out.

  • Liz Phillips
    published this page in Latest Releases 2020-11-25 07:02:03 -0500

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