The Socialist Program: Biden’s Tariff War on Clean Energy

Richard Wolff provides insights on The Socialist Program regarding the Biden administration's imposition of heavy tariffs on Chinese goods, particularly electric vehicles and green tech, as a protective measure for U.S. industries. Wolff argues that these tariffs are a response to American companies' failure to compete globally, particularly against China's advancements in electric vehicle production. The tariffs, he asserts, may lead to higher costs for American consumers and contribute to inflation, as it stifles competition and gives U.S. companies less incentive to innovate. Additionally, he criticizes the political motivations behind these tariffs, which are influenced by election politics and corporate lobbying rather than genuine concern for job creation or the climate crisis. Ultimately, Wolff suggests this protectionist strategy is indicative of a decline in American competitiveness and offers a critique of the capitalist system's approach to employment and environmental sustainability.

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