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As of this week, all new episodes of Economic Update will be streaming on Means TV, the world’s first worker-owned, anti-capitalist streaming service with a library of movies, and original shows. Funded by subscribers, owned by workers. No advertisers ever.

“Professor Wolff’s project of exposing the evils of capitalism and showing what a socialist alternative looks like aligns incredibly well with what we’re doing at Means TV,” said Naomi Burton, co-founder of Means TV. “We’re so excited to bring new episodes of Economic Update to people every week on an ad-free, worker-owned streaming platform.”

This latest partnership is further indication that Economic Update has become a staple for many leftists--providing interesting and informative critiques of the current global capitalist system and proposing a Marxist alternative to that system. 

We are proud that Richard Wolff has made a name for himself in the online media space from his lectures on marxism and his debates with prominent liberals and conservatives, and that this gives Economic Update, and the anti-capitalist, pro-cooperative message it delivers, further visibility. This is especially true with an important platform like Means TV, which puts the ideas we advocate for into practice. 

New episodes of Economic Update with Professor Wolff will be available every week on Means TV

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