Dialogue Works: NATO's Terrible Miscalculations as Ukraine is Being Destroyed

Prof Wolff joins Dialogue Works to discuss significant miscalculations in the West's approach to the Ukraine war, suggesting overestimations of Russia's weakness and underestimations of its resilience. He argues that Western powers failed to anticipate Russia's capacity for sustaining an attritional conflict, misjudging both the country's military and economic fortitude. The resulting miscalculations, according to Wolff, have had catastrophic consequences for Ukraine, causing widespread destruction and massive population displacement. Wolff posits that these errors stem from a broader inability to confront the decline of American hegemony and the concurrent rise of China and the BRICS nations. He believes that internal struggles within Western societies, particularly between right-leaning governments and corporate interests vested in China, will critically shape future geopolitical strategies and highlight the urgency of addressing these costly delusions.

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