The Socialist Program: New U.S. Threats Against Russia

Prof Wolff joins The Socialist Program to discuss the intensifying U.S. efforts to apply pressure on global financial institutions in the Global South to enforce sanctions against Russia. Despite initial expectations for a quick economic collapse, Russia's economy has proven resilient, and Washington is now targeting banks in countries like the UAE and Turkey to cut off Russian access to global markets. Sanctions are a form of government intervention that dictates with whom businesses can trade, often leading to evasion and the search for workarounds by affected entities. The continued failure of sanctions against Russia over the past two years is seen as evidence of a shifting global economic balance and the waning influence of the U.S. Lastly, he critiques the use of "national security" as a catch-all justification for protectionist policies, which may not always align with the interests of workers or even all sectors of American capitalism.

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