Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: Social Media and the Internet as a Powerful Organizing Tool - Part 1




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[S1 E11] Part 1 of 2

Prof. Harvey is joined by Chris Caruso, Director of Education at The People's Forum. Chris is popular educator, community organizer, and educational technologist. He has been active for over 30 years in the movement to end poverty, led by the poor. In this interview, Caruso discusses with Harvey the pivotal role social media and the internet have had on the plight and fight of poor people's movements.

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Chris Caruso, PhD @chriscaruso718, Director of Education, The People's Forum 

In 1989 he got involved with the National Union of the Homeless, and was brought into social consciousness by homeless families taking over abandoned homes. Since then, Chris has lead popular education workshops for social movement organizations on five continents. He has been recognized as a pioneer in the grassroots use of the Internet and has trained dozens of grassroots organizations across the globe in the strategic use of new media. 

Chris was mentored in popular education by leaders of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers, the Union of the Homeless, and the Welfare Rights Organization. A first-generation college student, Chris received his BA from the University of Pennsylvania and his MPhil and PhD from the CUNY Graduate Center under Professor David Harvey.



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