All Things Co-op: Interview with 1 Worker 1 Vote

After two seasons as a podcast, All Things Co-op is making the leap to video! 
For those of you prefer audio, we've got you covered. ATC is still be available as a podcast.

In this episode, Kevin, Cinar and Larry welcome back Michael Peck, Executive Director of 1 Worker 1 Vote, and former International Delegate (USA) for the Mondragón Co-operative Corporation (1999 –2019). They have a fascinating and inspiring conversation about co-ops, union co-ops and other hybrid ownership models, the critical emphasis on ecosystem building, the inequalities revealed by Covid-19 and how the pandemic shows we need a cultural reset, and the promising snowballing effect of the cooperative movement with bi-partisan support. Peck's wealth of experience and knowledge in the cooperative field enables him to give many concrete examples of initiatives, movements, and practical applications of these ideas all across the country, and from the Mondragon Corporation. 

Michael Peck is the Executive Director of 1 Worker 1 Vote, and describes himself as a movement organizer, dedicated to putting more power on the table for workers and to bringing workplace democracy and equity to frontline populations and economies, pushing back on all the embedded structural inequalities that are driving this nation into the disaster zone.  He is also a co-founder of The Virtuous Cycle Collaboratory (tvc2) –  a MBE worker cooperative & social enterprise whose mission is to “flatten the curves” with virtuous cycles, former International Delegate (USA) for the Mondragón Co-operative Corporation (1999 –2019), board secretary for the American Sustainable Business Council, and Blue Green Alliance corporate advisory board member

Learn more about 1 Worker 1 Vote: http://1worker1vote.org/

Learn more about the model by Rob Witherell, Chris Cooper that is referenced by Michael Peck in this episode: "The Sustainable Jobs, Sustainable Communities: The Union Co-op Model"

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