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Professor Wolff receives hundreds of questions per week covering a wide array of topics, from economics and politics, to historical movements and current events. While Professor Wolff does his best to reply to some questions on Economic Update, he receives more questions than can be answered individually. With the Ask Prof Wolff series we hope to thank the [email protected] donors that ensure we can keep [email protected] shows free to everyone, while making video responses public so that everyone may benefit from the question and response.
Questions are selected from submissions from our monthly donors, whose regular support helps us to plan for the long term. If you would like to submit a question for consideration... 
Please note, that the sheer volume of questions [email protected] receives make it impossible for any one person, including Prof Wolff, to read and respond to them on an individual basis – regardless of the query’s origin or focus. At the same time, because [email protected] values and seeks to learn about audience interests and concerns from all questions and feedback we receive, [email protected] staff regularly reviews them to look for trends that help inform future topic and program choices. Thus, if you do not want or are unable to become a monthly donor, please know that while we cannot pass on your individual question to Prof Wolff, we will take it into account as we consider future show topics. You can send in feedback for this purpose on our contact page. 


All episodes are available to be watched on the AskProfWolff playlist on Democracy at Work's YouTube channel. 


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