AskProfWolff: Why do Prices Rise in Capitalism?

A patron of Economic Update asks: "My friend and I have backgrounds in economics -- in fact I took economics back in the late 1980's at the time of Reagan, and I have taken it again recently. What shocked me was that they were teaching the same monetary theory today in the age of infinite creation of the medium of exchange through printing and through credit -- where the size of the money supply is no longer under anything resembling central bank control. No one I have ever met has been able to explain to me why, in light of what I know about economies of scale reducing unit costs and leading to efficiency and the burst of industrial technology in our age -- why do prices of consumer goods continue to increase while quality consistently decreases? Is this just because people have lost hope that things could be any other way? Why do I hear of deflation as a negative thing -- wouldn't this mean more disposable income for everyone, all things being equal?"

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  • Dwight Clark
    commented 2020-09-06 12:47:36 -0400
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  • Dwight Clark
    commented 2020-09-02 14:20:21 -0400
    Remember this country was referred to as Infant Nation by Europeans…England with 13 Colonies a prelude to conversion now britexit along with this country regressing into stomping monster ref little horn pulling up 3 horns of 10 horned stomping beast bk Dan. This over with, Infant Nation becomes Son of Osiris returns back to …Europe-Aset forms HerusaAset. Political, Economic Cultural Union.
  • Dwight Clark
    commented 2020-09-02 14:02:35 -0400
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  • Dwight Clark
    commented 2020-09-02 13:27:24 -0400
    Greetings Professor Wolff and Associates, Ive been further working on getting your 20 billion request for Inst to study…virus..from Bezos. Earthquake battling Zeus, Island Triangle…Bermuda..Bezos Amazon is ext of Wonder Woman Island Bermuda into Amazon Afflluence of Las Californias. A attempted swap out from limitation to that of Great Wealth. The Spanish were told stories of Las Californias..Closest place to heaven on the planet, Horses with bridals of Gold..Bezos goes back to bermuda triangle, his encroachment over with. Earthquake Son of The Titan..battled Zeus finally sucked into island triangle. Mother Aset taking priority over Gods Titans This maybe easily done. Im attempting…Siberian Tiger, Hu Lin the King of the North, Rama a Sun in the Nightime denying tiger w jesus, second coming, superstar ( corona) both attempted affilliations w
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