Capitalism Hits Home: America's Problem With Mass Shootings - An Analysis of Uvalde

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**CW: This episode discusses mass murder and school shootings.**

In this episode of Capitalism Hits Home, Dr. Fraad looks at mass shootings in the US and in particular the most recent tragedy in Uvalde, Texas. She examines the psychological, emotional, political, and economic reasons the US is the world leader in mass murder, and suggests solutions to end this cycle of violence and death.

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  • "The Man They Wanted Me To Be" by Jared Yates Sexton

Showing 2 comments

  • Joseph Atwater
    commented 2022-06-16 21:35:42 -0400
    Corporate America sends offshore its manufacturing so Chinese and Bangladeshi workers can build profits for their CEO and stakeholders but there is one exception, they would never send offshore, gun and weapons manufacturing because they want to keep their profits in US dollars knowing that puppet mentality insures that the 2nd Amendment fuels their rhetoric who see their fellow citizens as potential aggressors and criminals and as a result mass murder is just an excuse for domestic patriots
  • ZachBryce
    commented 2022-06-15 11:49:57 -0400
    Karl Marx was opposed to gun control though. He did not reduce the right of working people to keep and bear arms to a matter of so called toxic masculinity. We don’t deal with mental health in this country, this is suddenly off limits for Dems to talk about it would seem.

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