Capitalism Hits Home: Capitalism's Connection to America's Mass Shootings

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On this week's CHH, Dr. Fraad and Prof. Forlano talk about the intersection of capitalism with mass shootings. Why has the US had more than one mass shooting every day for a month? We are outliers. No other developed nation has had more than 18 mass shootings in the last 50 years. The shooters are overwhelmingly male. Fraad and Forlano look at the mutually shaping influences of capitalism, the NRA and gun sales, along with mass outsourcing of well paid male jobs, gender dislocation for men, and American retreat from connection with others in unions, bowling leagues, community organizations, and families. These combine with and feed narcissism, a capitalist affliction which hides our mutual connection with one another.

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  • Benjamin Schroeder
    commented 2021-05-04 12:22:19 -0400
    Dr. Harriet Fraad and Julianna Forano
    Subject: Capitalism Hits Home
    I found this essay of interest because it tries to explain the decline of the “American Male” and the problems associated which caused me so much grief and rejection. I think you were talking about me!
    However, let me get something off my chest! While Dr. Fraad has much good research to say on the subject “Capitalism Hits Home” , Prof. Forano had little to add to the program (with Dr. Fraad) but flippant responses and a carefree attitude. This subject I take seriously, as to the situation of declining America. America is in real trouble as we shall see over the next few years. I think with Prof. Forano’s attitude for the subject in general and D@W it was a mistake to make Prof. Forano a spoke person for D@W.
    In this segment of the show, Dr. Fraad did her best to answer why most of the trouble in America was caused by the “American White Male” of this country. With the loss of American jobs and status of his role he (“American White Male”) is adrift in society and commits some of the horrors that is affecting our society. I do not think “the show properly addresses the intersection of capitalism, class, and personal lives and explores what is happening in the economic realm”. I think the remarks about the NRA was misplaced and should be presented in another show.
    I have been a listener and viewer of Dr. Wolff (D@W) since almost the beginning 10 years ago. The decline of America is going to get worse if the rich (powerful), the corrupt politicians, and other countries (China, India, etc.) have their way. We in America are bleeding our resources (wealth) to others and are left with a debt America cannot repay. (living on money printed on paper, a new economics). Will hyper-inflation be the last straw for our once great society?
  • Pasqual DiGesu
    commented 2021-04-28 20:40:57 -0400
    If capitalism has destroyed traditional family in America it is because female spouses have capitalized on unconstitutional “no Fault” laws which automatically rewards them for abandoning dad, why they dominate divorce petitions . Studies show most if not all new generation school shooters are fatherless. Studies also show 90 percent of young men incarcerated and teen pregnancies come from fatherless homes. You’ve come a long way baby, now you can instead serve your male bosses without ears or having to understand you emotionally, simply as a paycheck or a pick slip. Welcome to manhood. Pardon my political incorrectness and hope it does not damage my show ratings!

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