Capitalism Hits Home: Capitalism & Patriarchy - Cuomo, Cosby, Weinstein & Epstein

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Capitalism is a class system of a small employer class making profit from the labor of a huge class of employees, who depend on employers for survival. Patriarchy is a system in which men are entitled to appropriate services from women who are considered less than fully human. Both systems interact to shape rampant sexual abuse. In this episode of CHH, Dr. Fraad explores expressions of patriarchy and capitalism in the much publicized cases of Cuomo, Cosby, Weinstein, and Epstein.

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  • Theo Merkle
    commented 2021-10-06 17:38:57 -0400
    I would like to see someone other than Dr. Fraad as a spokeswoman or commentor on American women, patriarchy, and feminism. May I recommend women such as Lierre Keith and Kara Dansky. Keith is associated with Women’s Liberation Front. Dansky with Women’s Human Rights Campaign, US chapter. Keith is a well-known feminist writer, food activist, and environmentalist. Dansky is an attorney with experience in litigation and legal analysis on issues relating to women and girls and a feminist. No disrespect to Dr. Fraad, but we need to see women who are actually working at the grassroots for change and are rarely if ever given a chance to appear on major media or even on “Leftist” or “Liberal” media, which is now devoted to a very regressive idea of women’s rights based on choice, no matter how harmful for women and girls.

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