Capitalism Hits Home: George Floyd and the Eruption of American Rage- Part 1

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On this part 1 of 2, America is a powder keg waiting to explode from 50 years of a class war in which we became the most unequal nation in the developed world. Our money equipped and paid the "public servants" who murdered George Floyd with depraved indifference. As a people, Americans have experienced our political leaders depraved indifference to our suffering as the rich got richer and all others felt the official knee in our necks. The old American dream was available to whites only. Now it has died. It was only a matter of time until the pain at privation for all exploded. George Floyd's murder stood for it all. We now have a moment to make class change. We cannot let this moment be used for a bit of police reform that allows capitalist class/race/gender exploitation to continue.

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  • George Kallas
    commented 2020-06-19 01:25:47 -0400
    Dear Prof. Harriet Fraad


    On Sick America, Beyond Fake Capitalist Individualism

    I agree with you 1000%; however, I would respectfully like to debate your theses as a ’devil’s advocate’ in order to show our audience how cruel and cynical this capitalist system is by its very nature….

    You are professor of social psychology, this is good… but… I am a professor of ‘political science’ meaning I’ve seen the cruelty and the insane extent of ‘cynicism’ that this neoliberal capitalist institutional system is …

    I want to spark enlightened thought on how to attack this insane system…

    Is ‘solidarity’ important, yes!

    Is ‘liberty, fraternity, equality’ important, yes, YOU BET!

    But these critical values ARE IMPORTANT to you and me , BUT… as far as Bezos, Trump, et al are concerned… ‘who cares?’

    What are we going ’to do about it?!"

    Protest movements are crucial to spark motion in this system, yet…

    What’s the national plan to take back power from these elites from a political institutional POV?

    What’s the ‘transformational plan’?


    Know that this all sounds cruel. But with all due respect and sympathy with you. Yes. we’re dealing with extremely cynical , cruel class of very rich people who basically don’t give a sh*t! I think Prof. Wolff et al have already shown this in stark detail of which I thoroughly support.

    So, back to being the ’devil’s advocate’ …

    Beyond Important Democracy Protests, From a Political Economic POV, what are we to actively, timely do about it?!

    In Solidarity and gentle critique with you, what’s going to be the realistic plan of action to address your thesis of which I 100% agree with?

    Give me a starting political economic plan of mass action for policymaking …

    Do we start with ‘party politics’?
    Do we start with ‘voting another politician’?
    Do we simply bang on the pavement while being banged on the head by cops?


    With all respect, I agree with you and would like to see what your audience will advise…

    Democracy is messy, but it’s better than Capitalism.

    Warm regards,

  • George Kallas
    commented 2020-06-19 00:36:58 -0400




    Dear Prof. Harriet Fraad
    On Sick America, Beyond Fake Capitalist Individualism

    Wow! You said it, the national emotional malaise, depression is a mass social psychological issue.

    Only Social Movement Solidarity Will Help Heal It and Bring People Together and Feel Empowered.

    Class war is a social psychological war on the social humanism of any society that alienates people from themselves and from one another.

    ‘Liberal individualism’ is a terrible alienating ideology, the dominant ideology that is failing miserably in this younger generation. I know, because I teach with them, see them, feel their sense of loss.

    People are by their very nature are social beings and need community of sharing and caring and ‘love’ , ‘love’ meaning in its broadest social solidarity sense of caring for each other in humane community.

    Capitalist culture is a social psychological ‘perversion’ of humane feelings and thought.

    Erich Fromm, who I use alot in my own teaching about the ‘disease of capitalist culture,’ has addressed this tragic issue in his works.

    For your audiences’ study list, I recommend that they get and study his works; they’re critical at this time:

    Capitalist alienation is antithetical to a ‘sane society of solidarity.’

    Fromm on the various impacts of capitalist society on people:

    Alienation of capitalist society and systemic psychic of a people:

    Mass social depression

    Killing of human authenticity and emotions, human spirit of community:
    Recommended sources to ponder:

    Some recommended study for your audience to get ‘reconnected’:

    Erich Fromm speaking at UCLA 10/30/1964

    The Mike Wallace Interview: Erich Fromm (1958-05-25)

    Humane Solidarity is crucial for community survival.

    On Nationalism v. Humanism

    The Need for Human ‘Love’ beyond the Conventional concept of ‘love’ as individualistic but a greater concept of ‘love’ as human beings beyond the ‘individualistic’ POV as ‘me-ism’… vs. The Other, The Habitat, Life:

    The Sane Society
    by Erich Fromm

    Escape from Freedom
    by Erich Fromm

    The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness
    by Erich Fromm

    Escape from Freedom

    recommended more research and study

    Prof. George M. Kallas
    Professor Political Science and History
    Social Science and Behavioral Science Department
    Miramar College
    [email protected]

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