Capitalism Hits Home: System-Driven Loneliness

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**CW: This episode contains discussions of rape**

In this episode of Capitalism Hits Home, Dr. Fraad takes a look at capitalist-driven loneliness. Crime is often thought of as a person breaking the law, but what about the crimes capitalism allows, and even celebrates? In our workplaces we get ripped off, monitored, and lose our humanity. Commodities are sold to us only to get recalled, addictive pain-killers destroy lives with zero accountability, powerful men get away with sexual assault, and politicians are bought out and no longer serve everyday people. Capitalism infiltrates every corner of our lives and leaves us feeling utterly alone and helpless. What is the antidote to this state-sponsored loneliness? Connection. We must join unions, movements, and connect with our fellow Americans to demand a system that supports the masses.

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  • Les L
    commented 2022-09-22 10:24:04 -0400
    Excellent choice to have Dr. Fraad on and given a different perspective on the family, economic and military effects on people.

    However, the remarks concerning George Floyd / Floyd Perry require re-examination. His pathology report revealed a heavy overdose of Fentanyl and one would expect Dr. Fraad to know the biochemistry of Fentanyl on oxygen uptake and to have read the pathology report.

    That report evidenced no airway damage. George Floyd also had significant cardiac impairment.
    As for the visuals, the armchair “experts” mostly relied upon 2-D images of a three dimensional event, rendered to two dimensional film with the attendant information loss. And as we all know, a black jury would always find a guilty verdict and a white jury the opposite, regardless of the facts.

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