Capitalism Hits Home: Texas's Energy Disaster: A Crisis of Capitalism

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In this part 1 of an 4-part series on capitalist commodification, Dr. Fraad and Prof. Forlano talk about the importance of heat and electricity. They discuss the devastation and the loss of human lives that resulted from the extreme cold temperatures and energy mismanagement by ERCOT in Texas. Texas gets 2/3 of its energy from fossil fuels and is the only state that does not participate in the national electric grid. That leaves it easily more open to corruption. Corrupt ERCOT did not weatherize its system as required. They saved money for their corporate backers and CEOs and sacrificed millions of Texans to freeze in the dark.That's capitalist logic for you!

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 Capitalism Hits Home with Dr. Harriet Fraad & Julianna Forlano

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