Capitalism Hits Home: The Right vs. Gender Freedom

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With rising inflation rates, mass resignations, poor working conditions, and expensive housing, it’s clear that capitalism in the US is falling apart. To counter this, the right wing is working hard to repress each and every marginalized group in order to keep the working class divided. In this episode of Capitalism Hits Home, Dr. Fraad looks at that fascist push to maintain a hierarchy in family, faith, morality, and nationalism. One way the Right does this is by attacking women and LGBTQ+ rights with abortion bans and anti-trans bills. In this legal stage of early fascism in the US, we need to take cues from other countries that successfully countered right-wing attacks on body autonomy by creating coalitions and unified fronts.

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  • Jim Tracey
    commented 2022-05-19 17:29:55 -0400
    ‘The Religious vs. Gender Freedom’ is a more apt title for your presentation, Harriet.
    Also this inappropriate, and possibly incorrect, calling a multitude number of situations “fascism”, which was prevalent in your presentation, and clearly prolific in the MSM and government language, when it appears to be more accurately ‘Authoritarian’ ; I know dictionary definitions of ‘fascism’ and ‘authoritarian’ are often equated, but, because of Hitler, Mussolini (and Franco), fascism is often thought of as specifically Nazism and all that WW2 negative baggage’
    ‘Fascism’ never existed as a word before ~1920, ‘authoritarianism’ possibly existed before Language was developed.
  • Pasqual DiGesu
    commented 2022-05-18 15:21:55 -0400
    Wow this sounds more like Gender Freedom and COMMUNISM! or Eastern European Bolshevism!
    But I admit your show has the making for a great comedy especially your in depth knowledge of history, I think this abortion issue truly is very important in comparison with all the other issues on the table right now, a woman should have the right to nix a fetus since its hers of course and not the fathers at all, right? A person should have a right and control of their body and as many abortions as they can fit annually, even if they have NO control over their sexual behavior, who and how many they fornicate with, or any control over use of modern science and contraceptives available. These types of civil acts of self-control (for the owners of their own bodies) are just not kosher any more I guess.
    As for gender equality, I believe in it, I say do away with marriage and marriage certificates altogether and primarily as an instrument in a court of law. If a man has no say in the fate of his children then liberate him from any responsibility when the creatures who do control them decide to take them away, lets establish true freedom!!. FREEDOM and EQUALITY !!!

    Legislators (true act) of Divide & Conquer, The following from a young woman’s childhood experience expressed on the internet;
    A mother can’t pay for kids, needs assistance for her children, she gets government subsidies
    A father can’t pay for his kids, needs assistance to support his children, he gets jail time
    A woman picks up her kids moves across provinces, or state lines, its fine
    A father picks up his kids moves across state lines it’s kidnapping,
    *(Amber laws don’t apply to the mother but to everyone else including the Father as was explained to me by my local police department, who initially jumped to act until they heard it was the mom who had taken my daughter from her home).
    A woman decides to move on; she’s considered a hero and a “strong woman” for moving forward
    A dad decides to move on and he is considered a piece of chit for abandoning and leaving his family behind.
    (Again, over 70% of divorce/separation petitions are initiated by the mothers resulting in 95% custody decisions in her favor, under our present system of laws and court practices)
    If a woman is not ready to have a child, she can chose adoption or more commonly abortion.
    If a man is not ready to have a child, he is irresponsible, his choices are to have his bank account and income drained for 18 years (some states 21 or 21 plus with college), or go to jail and be labeled a “dead beat dad”.
    A mother rarely pays child support (again, 95% of custody decisions by our courts are for the mother under “no fault” protocol)
    A father pays 30 to over 50% of his NET income even if it renders him homeless (17% of his GROSS income which is not tangible or real in respect to actual take-home pay, for 1st child equating more realistically to 25% of actual net income after it is taxed). He then receives no tax write off for the monthly, annual, and decades of payments which are taxed under his income. This does not include child medical coverage and day care which is added to his above responsibility in most cases.
    A woman has the right to know how much income a father earns and what his accounts consist of for payment assessments continuously.
    Does a father have a right to know how his money is being spent or how much is spent directly on his children,, receipts? No he does not.
    If a mother wants to be a “stay at home mom” she’s a hero. If a dad wants to do it, He is Lazy. So, explain to me how in the 21 century fathers have more privilege than mothers?
    2016 Divorce Article including attorneys’ statement;
    How do we allow “no fault” to exist within a constitutional legislature rendering the decision of child custody to be simply made by the visual identification of the subject on trial? Where the presiding magistrate’s extensive legal education is simply reduced to the identification of the parent’s gender for decision? Is it unlike returning to Old Testament laws where the oldest son received all inheritance automatically?
    If fascism had anything to do with this then Zeig heil to new feminism or shall we call it misandry
    (I once told my attorney during a court hearing that the tens of thousands of dollars I had spent so far on custody would have served me better had I simply payed for a sex change operation presenting the court with the dilemma of another legal mother fighting for her right to her biological child)


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