Capitalism Hits Home: US Militarism & Domestic Terrorism

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We have to accept that empire and militarism is not what’s going to save the world, it’s what’s going to destroy the planet.” In this episode of Capitalism Hits Home, Dr. Fraad continues discussing America’s problem with gun violence. Because the US never converted to a peacetime economy after WWII, it continues to spend billions waging wars, stockpiling military equipment, and funding overseas conflicts. This militaristic culture enables domestic terrorism and mass violence. To counteract this, we need to encourage our many separate social movements to join together and fight to redistribute the excessive military budget to universal health care, child care, affordable housing, decent wages, climate justice, and more. 

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  • Les L
    commented 2022-07-02 21:40:46 -0400
    Dr. Fraad understands Psychotherapy.
    Of US Militarism and The US-NATO-UK Ukrainian Proxy War on Russia, a psychiatric moment for Western Elites, as it goes according to Russian Armed Forces Plans.

    Examines her in some detail… https://les7eb.substack.com/p/ukraine-notes-the-long-proxy-war-b15

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