Class, Gender, and Society: Origins and Future of the nuclear family with Dr. Harriet Fraad

Dr. Harriet Fraad shares insights on the Superdatic Club podcast today by discussing the evolution of the feminist movement and how it was influenced and partly diverted by external forces such as the CIA and FBI. She highlights the relationship between economic systems, gender, and family structures, noting the impact of class stratification on these aspects of society. Fraad also addresses the transformation and challenges of the nuclear family in contemporary times, pointing out the lack of supportive social structures for families in the United States. Moreover, she mentions how the decline of unions and rise of class consciousness are leading to a resurgence in union activity and a reevaluation of gender and race issues within a broader economic context. Lastly, Fraad's positive view on the increasing involvement of men in child-rearing suggests a hopeful shift towards greater gender equality in parenting.

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