Dialogue Works: Israel is Caught in a Historic Impossibility and Its Economy is in Trouble

On Dialogue Works, Richard Wolff joins the conversation to analyze the complex nature of settler colonialism and its historical impact, particularly relating to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He discusses the perceived historical impossibility of Israel's settler colonial project in the current international context and President Biden's shifting policy towards Israel in light of global opposition. The conversation then shifts to the broader global dynamics, where Wolff cautions against the United States continuing as a declining empire incapable of recognizing its fading dominance. He contrasts the US and China's approach to international policy and development, suggesting the world is evaluating which is more successful: military expenditure or economic growth that alleviates poverty. Finally, Wolff addresses the notion of "might makes right," challenging the inevitability of conflict and suggesting that, historically, nations have found ways to coexist and resolve tensions without resorting to perpetual war.

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