Inflation is rising, our book prices are not

Our printer, Lulu, has raised the cost to print our books. When they notified us of this change, they offered instructions on how to raise the retail price of our books. 

But we aren’t going to do that. We’re making sure our books are available to make sense of this capitalist inflation, rather than blaming corporate scapegoats. Consider buying one of our books this year to guide yours or a loved one’s understanding of this crisis and support our work- all for the same, pre-inflation price.

People are facing shocking increases in rent, gas, and food. The last thing we need is a higher barrier to the books that help explain why this is happening. And so while we depend on our book sales to help support all of our free, weekly shows, our team voted to absorb this print cost increase. 

Richard Wolff donated his time to all three of his [email protected] books (Understanding Marxism, Understanding Socialism and The Sickness is the System: When Capitalism Fails to Save Us from Pandemics or Itself) and does not receive royalties. We are so grateful for this ongoing gift that supports our entire team. Author Bob Hennelly, however, does receive royalties from his book Stuck Nation: Can the United States Change Course on Our History of Choosing Profits Over People?. In an act of solidarity for this still active journalist, we have increased his royalty percentage so that he is not impacted by our decision to absorb these costs. 

We hope to be able to sustain this decision throughout this incredible rise in prices. More than anything, Democracy at Work wants to spread our message during this time of need: we need a serious system change, and we can do better than capitalism.

Our audience donations are what empower us to absorb this rising inflation. Consider donating to Democracy at Work with a monthly or one-time gift. Our monthly supporters are invaluable to us, in that they allow us to spread our message and share material with little to no financial barrier. Thank you for supporting [email protected]

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