Ten Years Ago: Homelessness [10th Anniversary of Economic Update with Richard Wolff]

10 years ago, headlines across the United States covered the scandal of child homelessness. For many, this bleak reality was not compatible with their idea of our country’s economy.

Today, Prof Wolff shares a video that brings a difficult truth.The problem isn't being solved, it is in fact getting worse.” Watch this video to hear more about this problem, and why we are so grateful for the 10th anniversary of Economic Update: a program that never shies away from the truth Americans need to hear.

“The same National Center for Family Homelessness  now reports not 1.6 million children but 2.5 million children [homeless]. That's right. That's a measure of how much worse. And since we are now experiencing record evictions across the United States the problem is going to be getting even worse.”

If homelessness is a measure of our economy, then American capitalism is certainly failing. Despite 10 years going past, we still have a government willing to evict millions during a pandemic. It’s time to face the truth: the system is at fault.

“2.5 million children homeless in the United States is a failure of American capitalism.”

One thing we always do at Democracy at Work is look beyond the problem to the solution. We believe we can do better than capitalism.

“​​You either have to bring down the cost of housing or raise the income of the people who need it. One or the other, or both. They are well within our reach. We have more than enough wealth to take care of it.”

Prof Wolff offers us a clear way forward. The sad and hopeful reality is that we already have the resources necessary. We just need to create a system that actually works for all of us- not just the super rich.

“This is a reality. Are we honest enough to face it? To admit it? To talk about the solutions? Well, that's one of the things Economic Update is all about.”

Thank you for watching and supporting Economic Update for these past ten years. You help us shine light on the issues of our economy and share the solutions that Americans are looking for.

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