Ten Years Ago: The Growth of Cooperativism [10th Anniversary of Economic Update with Richard Wolff]

“Ten years ago, an old idea, and an old movement, caught fire again, started renewing itself and taking off.”

As cooperatives have become more popular and socialism has skyrocketed in popularity, Economic Update has been working right alongside this movement to advocate for an economy that works for all.

This month, Prof Wolff shares with us a new video to celebrate and reflect on the growth of cooperatives enterprises these last 10 years and the 10th anniversary of Economic Update.

In 2018, the top 10 co-ops in the United States generated $222 billion dollars. Electric co-ops service 56% of the landmass in the U.S. And with new innovative programs and political power to support democratic businesses, we can see cooperatives are no longer some small matter in our economic future. 

“We don't have that many bright spots in our economy to look at. Worker co-ops is clearly one of them. And we at Economic Update are proud that we have done our part to advocate for them and to be a small chapter in this remarkable success story that is only at the very beginning.”

Thanks to your backing, energy, and engagement, Economic Update has grown in influence just as spectacularly as worker co-ops have. To keep up this momentum, we need your support to make a larger impact by advocating for economic justice.

Producing Economic Update has always depended on audience donations. To help us grow for another 10 years, please consider donating to Democracy at Work with a monthly gift. Our monthly supporters are invaluable to us, in that they allow us to plan for the future, and commit to bringing you more Economic Update. Thank you.

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