Economic Update: A New Labor Movement Rising

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[S9 E23]

This week on Economic Update, Professor Wolff delivers updates on U.S. church membership and its tax subsidies, Toyota and Merkel slam U.S. economic nationalism, 40 U.S. states sue price-gouging pharma firms, Trump ("self-described "tariff man") doesn’t understand it is Americans who will pay for all tariffs he imposes, Mothers' Day and the minimum wage and politicians' corruption under capitalism.

In the second half of the show, Professor Wolff interviews Neha Mathew-Shah, President of the Progressive Workers Union.

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Neha Mathew-Shah is President of Progressive Workers Union (PWU) and currently employed with the Sierra Club as an International Environmental Justice Representative. As a non-profit employee for over seven years, Neha has experienced the power of working with a union to build a powerful, equitable and inclusive environment both inside and outside the workspace. At Sierra Club, this change has been driven by two unions that represent the two-thirds of the organizations employees, PWU and Sierra Employee Alliance (SEA).


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