Economic Update: Capitalism, Revolution and Socialism

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On this week's episode, Prof. Richard D. Wolff focuses on major capitalist failures, buying senators on health care, opioid addiction's effects on insurance and on labor force participation, price gouging in emergencies, and US income inequality.

SPECIAL TOPIC: Major discussion on 100th anniversary of Russian Revolution in 1917: lessons of USSR economic history for 21st century socialism.  To see the second half of this week's episode, sign up as a patron on Patreon.

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  • Janos Horanszky
    commented 2017-09-29 18:53:56 -0400
    Dahszil, where do you live? You say “Opioids in and of themselves are less dangerous than many drugs”. Fentanyl and Carfentanyl are 1000 or more times potent than morfin. Just by touching someone who inhaled fentanyl you can die. What is dangerous if not this?
  • Dahszil Dahszil
    commented 2017-09-29 02:10:53 -0400
    Dr. Wolff , I’m one of your regular listeners and i am with you on most things . However you are wrong about the so called opioid crisis . the cdc guidelines for opioids is broad brush approach . Opioids in and of themselves are less dangerous than many drugs . Since the guidelines(i.e. laws) came out cut off opioid patients comes: patients increase in suicide for pain relief ; cut off opioid patients go to the streets and buy black tar heroin and many die from this more dangerous than “conventional” heroin . Let’s make the distinction between kids who are amateur kitchen chemists and shoot up tons of opioids into themselves and the people who opioids make their painfulful life liveable
  • Janos Horanszky
    commented 2017-09-26 20:44:04 -0400
    I am not trying to be difficult, but the second part of the update is not there in the video. I am watching each and every episode and I have noticed it the second time.

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