Economic Update: The Challenge of Progressive Unionism

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On this week's show, Prof. Wolff discusses Wall Street money corrupting US elections and the facts of a declining US capitalism (wage stagnation driving inequality, rising health and education costs, falling real social security benefits, unequal wealth of people of color vs whites, gross worsening of US income and wealth inequalities). On the second half of the show, Prof. Wolff is joined by David Van Deusen, President of Vermont state AFL-CIO, to talk about the victories of progressive unionism.

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About our guest: David Van Deusen was elected President of the 10,000 member Vermont AFL-CIO as part of the United! slate.  United! is a progressive caucus within the Vermont Labor Movement committed to rank & file union democracy and social justice unionism. Through internal elections elections in 2019 and 2020, United! has captured every leadership position within the Vermont AFL-CIO.

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The Vermont AFL-CIO's Ten Point Program For Union Power (also known as The Little Green Book): VERMONT AFL-CIO TEN POINT PROGRAM | Vermont State Labor Council, AFL-CIO (aflcio.org)

The full video of the VT AFL-CIO 2020 Convention debate and vote concerning a General Strike in defense of democracy:  (2) Facebook

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  1. The big money that buys US politics:
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