Economic Update: China and Inflation: Real Analyses, not BS

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The program's first half focuses on the realities of China's rise and not the Cold War rhetoric. The second half analyzes the inflation now threatening the US economy. Its causes and consequences turn out to be quite different from the mainstream media treatments of the subject.

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  • Eric Dalton
    commented 2021-11-11 00:11:52 -0500
    Thanks for the information, I found a lot of interesting information here. Keep sharing such informative post. https://www.walgreenslistens.life/
  • Steve Greenberg
    commented 2021-11-04 11:56:21 -0400
    James Parsit, Sometimes Dr. Wolff overstates his case to the point of harming his own credibility. Small companies do not have the pricing power that large, near monopoly companies do. Also patents and copyrights do award pricing powers to even small companies with the money to defend their patents and copyrights in court. Dr. Wolff ignores these limitations, and boldly states that employers are free to set prices as they choose. All adults instinctively know that is not true. Especially the adults raised on the “free market” myth.
  • James Parsit
    commented 2021-11-03 22:00:46 -0400
    Dr. Wolff said it clearly in today’s greedy politicians and corporations’ rules. His analysis is always advanced, simple to understand for most working class that behind the devil’s game theory. More Americans should listen to him or vote him to the WH. He can educate the blind people to see the true, that makes America great again, not the lips service politicians in the past since Lincoln.
  • Pasqual DiGesu
    commented 2021-11-03 07:28:00 -0400
    A nation which controls its industries and prevents them from leaving the country for increased profit and maintains its technology within the nations borders for reasons of national and international security. A nation that controls the flow of product into the market thereby stabilizing prices and controlling the security of the individual sources of supply. A nation that profits from the weakness of another nation which cannot limit its dependency on foreign made goods, orchestrated not by the people but by the retailers who control their government. A government which controls its economics. A nation where Capitalism is Controlled?!!! ………..Wow, what a concept. .
  • Steve Greenberg
    commented 2021-11-01 11:11:56 -0400
    How come you never mention free market competition that is supposed to control what employers can do with prices. If they raise prices, the competition will undercut them and take their business away. That works if there is no monopoly pricing power, but we don’t break up monopolies anymore.

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