Economic Update: One Big Push Against Capitalism

In the latest episode of Economic Update, Prof. Wolff provides updates on the social costs of criminalizing marijuana, U.S. food outlets being taken over by foreign conglomerates, the capitalist spawned labor conflict in India, Trump and the Signature Bank swamp and New Zealand mandates 10-days paid leave for victims of domestic violence.
The second half of the show features an interview with Matt Christman and Will Menaker of the Chapo Trap House podcast phenomenon to uncover how and why its mix of comedy and sharp social criticism have grown to be so popular.

Will Menaker is a child of New York literary privilege, publishing industry scion and former assistant editor at Liveright/WW Norton where he worked with Robert Weil and published books by Alan Moore, Jacob Bacharach and worked with Robert Crumb, Alan Gurganus, Mary Beard, Walter Kirn, Larry McMurtry, Edward Sorel, Jules Feiffer, William Giraldi, and many others. He left the publishing biz to pursue a full time career as a new media entrepreneur.
Matt Christman is a local oaf whose writing has appeared in Current Affairs magazine.

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