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This week on Economic Update, an analysis of Ukraine propaganda war, US inflation worsens, the US college debt crisis and New York City eviction crisis looms. In the second half of the show, Wolff interviews Gayle McLaughlin, former Mayor and City Council member, Richmond, CA. on winning progressive politics.

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About our guest: Gayle McLaughlin is the former two-term mayor and ​city​ council member of Richmond California. She served in the past from 2005-2017 (8 of those years serving as mayor until she termed out). Gayle ran again and won her race for Richmond City Council in 2020 and is currently serving on the Richmond City Council. In 2003 she co-founded the Richmond Progressive Alliance and, as mayor, Gayle led Richmond into a significant progressive transformation. Gayle has never taken a dime of corporate money for any of her campaigns, and in 2014, along with other local progressives, triumphed over Chevron’s $3.5 million attempt to buy the local election. Gayle ran as a corporate-free candidate for Lieutenant Governor of the State of California in the 2018 primary. She is a co-founder of the California Progressive Alliance and served as CPA 1 st chairperson. You can learn more about Gayle by checking out her website at:

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