Economic Update: Understanding Marxism

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This special edition of "Economic Update" is devoted to Understanding Marxism, the title of a short new book just published by Democracy at Work. Today's program, like the book, explains Marxism's systemic insights into capitalism now. We discuss Marxism's basic criticisms of capitalism and also its complex relationship to socialism. Finally, we offer a survey of the last century of Marxism's huge, diverse influences on modern economics, politics and culture around the world.

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Prof Wolff's self-described "highly incomplete" survey from the 2nd half:
  • In Austria: Hilferding, Adler brothers interacting with Freud
  • In Russia: Lenin, Trostky, Gorky, Eisenstein
  • In Germany: Kautsky, Luxemburg, Brecht, Frankfurt school (Walter Benjamin, Herbert Marcuse, Theodor Adorno) Einstein
  • In Hungary: Lukacs and the critique of consciousness
  • In Italy: Gramsci and the critique of culture
  • In France: Surrealists, Sartre, Althusser, Derrida, Levi-Strauss
  • In the UK: great economists Joan Robinson, Maurice Dobb
  • Beyond Europe (connected to its anti-imperialism)
    • US: Sweezy in economics, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn in labor organizing, Jameson in literature and criticism, Lewontin in biology, Cornel West and WEB DuBois in philosophy and racism, Chris Hedges,
    • China: Mao and so many others
    • Asia: Nazim Hikmet, the Dutt family in India, Ho Cho Minh in Vietnam
    • Africa: Fanon in the north, ANC in the South, Nkrumah and Cabral in the middle
    • South America: Rodney and Williams on slavery, Castro and Guevara and Zapatistas, Mexico’s muralists (Rivera, Orozco, Siquieros, Frida Kahlo), Pablo Neruda

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