Economic Update: When US govt destroyed a political party

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On this week's show, Prof. Wolff presents updates on Oklahoma cuts funds for public schools, why Americans dont take paid vacations owed them, how coal/oil companies fight solar/wind companies to buy politicians that decide what energy system we must live with. On the second half of the show, Prof. Wolff is joined by Lisa E Davis, author of "Undercover Girl" who will talk about undoing the New Deal, FBI paid informers and destruction of the CPUSA.

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  • Jan Feeler
    commented 2017-10-28 21:27:08 -0400
    I’d like you to have more economic updates that have to do with the exploding human population and the loss of natural resources to support the diversity of human, animal, plant, ocean and earth. And why the hell republicans support wars to kill humans and pollute the atmosphere with explosions, and then turn around and legislate that no woman should use contraceptives and have all kinds of babies, even if they don’t want them.
    My feeling is that there should be contraceptives for all humans of child bearing age, and
    there should be more abortions and vasectomies all over the world for at least 36 years.

    Of course, that would require humans to be educated with facts, not cultist rumors. It boggles my mind.
    Jan Feeler
    SoldiersGrove, WI.

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