Global Center for Action Studies: Capitalist Decline and a Way Forward


Capitalism is relocating to new centers in China, India, Brazil, etc. In its old centers, e.g., the US, economic prospects darken. Middle and lower incomes stagnate. Multinational businesses and those they enrich force governments to lower taxes on them and then either raise personal taxes, cut public services or both. Severe decline results (Detroit, Greece, etc) punctuated by severe cyclical downturns. But alternatives exist. Changing the organization of our enterprises offers a way to a far better future.

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  • Martin Screeton
    commented 2015-12-27 23:53:55 -0500
    I sent a support ticket off to Livestream… Perhaps you can fix this and get up and running on Youtube…
  • Martin Screeton
    commented 2015-12-27 23:47:02 -0500
    Live stream is notorious for not having enough Volume Control… and/or sound problems! I don’t get it because they have been around for so very long doing this!
  • Laura Zink de Diaz
    commented 2015-12-26 16:08:59 -0500
    The sound quality is terrible from a few moments before Dr. Wolff begins to speak, and by minute 27:45 we lose sound entirely. I hope there’s a fix for this, because I’d really like to hear the rest of the talk.

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