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Democracy at Work volunteers help to SUPPORT OUR WORK, and to SPREAD OUR WORK. If you’re able and willing to donate some of your time and talents, take a look at how you can help us prosper and grow! If none of these other ideas spark your interest, take a look at some ideas of how you might GO FURTHER to support the ideas you hear about on our shows outside of d@w.



  • Sign up to join our Transcription Team!
    We are often asked by listeners of our shows (Economic UpdateAnti-Capitalist Chronicles and more) for transcriptions but are unable to produce them regularly with our small staff. Would you like to help us type up transcriptions to help our shows reach wider audiences?
  • Sign up to join our Translation Team! 
    We have a large and growing international audience, due in part to the fantastic work of our translation team, who create captions for our videos in other languages. If you are fluent in another language that’s not English, this could be a great way to help us make our work more available to non-english speakers!
  • Sign up to become a volunteer copy-editor! 
    Beyond show transcriptions, we sometimes publish blog pieces, small books and more. If you’d like to help us make sure we’ve crossed all our Ts and dotted our Is, then you can sign up our list of people interested in volunteering on these small projects. Professional copy-editing experience preferred. 
  • Sign up to become a volunteer graphic artist / illustrator! 
    We are always looking for ways to make this ideas on our shows more visually appealing and shareable. If you’d like to volunteer making slick infographics, memes, videos, etc. based on content from our shows, sign up for this team!
  • Have you used our content in your classroom? Share your work with us and help other teachers replicate what you did! 
    We are often asked by teachers if we have ready materials that they can use in their classroom, and are sometimes told by teachers that they use excerpts from our shows to do just that. In the effort to help teachers have easy to use resources available to help them introduce and explain these complex ideas to their students, we’d love to hear how you’ve integrated it into your teaching so that we can help others do the same.
  • Connect us to a donor or grant. 
    We rely mostly on small time donations, but sometime the big ones really help us breathe easy or be able to commit to new projects. If you know someone who would be interested in supporting d@w in a substantial way, or know of a grant that we would be a good fit for, please don’t hesitate to reach out and tell us what you know.

  • Donate to d@w
    Democracy at Work is a 501c3 non-profit, and our ability to continue to make our shows and keep them available for free depends on the support we get from our listeners and fans. If you’re willing and able, please consider donating. You can Learn about the many ways you can support us on our donate page.

Ready to volunteer? Write to eric[at]democracyatwork.info


  • Get Economic Update onto your local radio/TV station. 
    Economic Update is currently on radio stations and tv channels, and it’s ability to spread further is greatly improved when people ask their local stations to add it to their regular programing. Check to see if it’s on your local stations and if it’s not, then you can use this Economic Update Station Outreach Guide to learn how to quickly and easily ask your location station to add it.

  • Reprint our show transcripts in your publication. 
    All of our show transcripts have a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License, so that means you can republish our show transcripts in your non-commercial blog, website or student newspaper as long as you clearly credit us!

  • Ask other shows to bring on one of our hosts as a guest. 
    Do you know of another show that you think one of our hosts should be a guest on? Write to that show, tell them so, and write to us to let us know what you’ve tried! 
  • Let us know about your efforts to get involved. 
    Send us stories and photos of things you have done for us to share and inspire others. Send us your ideas, thoughts, and success stories of effective ways you spread the word.

Ready to volunteer? Write to eric[at]democracyatwork.info


If none of these ideas sparks your interest but you want to help the general ideas of worker co-ops and WSDEs in your area, then we suggest you keep these 3 principles in mind:

  • Educate others. 
    Tell your friends! It's an old saying, but a good saying. This can be as small as casually talking about this with your family, or as large as creating a worker co-op committee inside another organization you are already affiliated with.
  • Find your allies.
    Look for co-op developers or incubators in your area. They might be looking for volunteers or can tell you about their current struggles and successes. Look for other activist groups with goals that coops can relate to. For example, is there a public banking movement in your city? Perhaps they could benefit from knowing that interest money from a public bank could be put towards local co-op development.
  • Promote your local co-ops. 
    Find your local co-ops and help support them as best you can. Buy their goods/services and direct others to them.




Operations Team

Yazid Mekhtoub, Events Volunteer

Graphic Design Team

Luis de la Cruz, Illustrator (Has also been commissioned for Illustrations for Understanding Marxism, SuperMarx, Understanding Socialism)
See more of his work on his website.  

Copy Editor Team

Marilou Baughman, Understanding Socialism, The Sickness is the System
Gloria Denton, Understanding Socialism
Andrea Iannone, Understanding Socialism, The Sickness is the System
Jake Keyel, Understanding Marxism, d@w blog, Understanding Socialism, The Sickness is the System
Christian Lewis, Understanding Socialism
Steven T. Payne, Understanding Socialism
Ann Ford, The Sickness is the System
Grant Molen, The Sickness is the System
Susan Larsen, The Sickness is the System
Harrison Malkin, The Sickness is the System

Transcriber Team

Check the episode lists for each show to see available transcripts produced by these and past transcription volunteers.

Clem Schonfeld
Ann Ford
Alyssa Bonilla

Barbara Bartlett
Brendan Tait
Cindy Mitlo
Asma Siddiqi
Ryan T.
Connor B.
Marilou Baughman
Clay White
Henry Kaplan
Scott McCampbell
Samantha Stauch
Daisy May
Sam Knies
Ed Nelson
Lauren Shiel

Translation Team

See a list of YouTube playlist with translated video captions, produced by these and past translation volunteers.

Marília Mariano, Português
Polina Gavritskova, Русский
Jack Sukkar-Blacklaw, Arabic. اَلْعَرَبِيَّةُ‎
Carlos Andrés Solano Matamoros, Español
Arturo Hernández G., Español
Pedro Quelhas, Português
Scott McCampbell, Español
Madhukar Krishna, हिन्दी 
Manuel Alvarado, Español
Caroline Sariciftci, Deutsch
Karl Månsson, Svenska
Pedro Sosa, Español
Vladimir Petrenko, Русский
Michael Roskey, Español
Zhun Cheng, 简体中文 
Eliah Blum-Minkel, Deutsch
Mercedes Dollard, Español
Andre, français
Dmitry Khatomkin, Русский
Yuruo Qin, 简体中文 
Zirui Xia, 简体中文 
Rongrong Weng, 简体中文 
Haohao Wu, 简体中文 
Jingyi Huang, 简体中文 
Ziming Wei, 简体中文 
Te Fu, 简体中文 
Carol, Deutsch/Français


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