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This holiday season, buy gifts for friends and loved ones that support your values and advocate for the world you want to see

Along with our union worker co-op printed merchandise, we have published three accessible books that explain the systemic issues of capitalism and offer a vision of a more democratic society. All three books are authored by Richard D. Wolff, who has generously donated his time and work so that all sales revenue can support [email protected] Follow the links in this email to buy them directly from our printer, Lulu. Buying them from Lulu (and not from Amazon) ensures that your purchase supports [email protected] to the fullest extent possible. 

Help spread our message of economic justice and democracy in the workplace and in our communities.

Understanding Marxism

Available in paperback & ebook

“A pro-proletarian primer to help the masses comprehend some of the basics of a complicated worldview, as Wolff identifies some of the capitalist system’s essential contradictions.”
- Ed Rampell, L.A.-based journalist


Understanding Socialism

Available in paperback & ebook

“An accessible and insightful primer that undertakes a critical examination of the history of state-led socialism while offering a refreshing vision of a new model based upon workplace democracy."
- Labor journalist and Portside Labor moderator Gregory N. Heires


The Sickness is the System: When Capitalism Fails to Save Us from Pandemics or Itself 

Available in paperback 

“His book is so thorough, so comprehensive in its insightful analysis, that it is a practically a one-stop center for anyone who wants to understand why the year 2020 has been such a dumpster fire."
- Salon

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