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"I have been subscribing to Democracy at Work for several years now. I have learned so much from the knowledge which the creators
have so freely shared" - Peter W.

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We are excited to inform you of some upcoming changes we are implementing to our Patreon pages. 

The hunger and audience for the critical perspectives we offer and social changes we advocate are growing dramatically. It has enabled us to expand our impacts upon consciousness, public debate, and politics both inside the US and beyond. We continue to grow our roster of shows, and now have a total of 7 audio and video podcasts and 1 video series. Your support has helped make that growth possible. Thank you!

Currently, 5 of our shows have Patreon pages: Economic Update, Global Capitalism Live Economic Update, David Harvey’s Anti-Capitalist Chronicles, Capitalism Hits Home with Dr. Harriet Fraad, and All Things Co-op. As you know, we are still a small team, and managing all these pages is proving to be challenging for us and we’re learning that it’s confusing for our supporters too. 

In an effort to consolidate our efforts and align our mission with the work we do, we are moving to combine these 5 pages into 1 Patreon account that will continue to support all of Democracy at Work’s projects and not just a specific show. 

We believe that this will not only clarify things for people who want to support our work, and lighten the administrative burden that takes us away from creating more of the critical analysis you love, but it better aligns with our collaborative values. This way, our shows aren’t competing for supporters, they are working together to build one, diverse community!

You can learn more about this change on our Patreon Change FAQ page

We hope that you are as excited about this change as we are. We truly believe that this will help us provide you with the best possible experience and offerings. Thank you again for your support and solidarity.

Democracy at Work Patreon




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