Global Capitalism: Europe 2024: Disunity, Decline, Despair

This month's discourse dives deep into the pressing issues facing Europe in 2024, exploring themes of disunity, decline, and despair. From the impact of Ukraine and sanctions leading to European de-industrialization to the resurgence of fascism and immigration challenges, we'll cover a range of pivotal topics. Join us as we analyze the geopolitical shifts with China's rise, the US's relative decline, and the significant protests of Euro-farmers that signal Europe's future directions. We'll also delve into the political landscapes of the UK, examining the collapses of both the Conservative and Labor parties.

Europe in 2024 Disunity, Decline, Despair

with Richard D. Wolff  

Co-sponsored by Democracy at Work & Left Forum

In this lecture, Prof. Wolff discusses the following topics

  • Ukraine + Sanctions = European De-industrialization
  • Fascism’s Resurgence/Immigration
  • Caught Between: China Up, US Down
  • Euro-farmers’ Protest: Europe’s Future
  • UK: Conservative and Labor Collapses

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