Global Capitalism: March 2017 Monthly Economic Update

Global Capitalism: "Is Capitalism Fading? Is System Change Underway?"
with Richard D. Wolff 
Co-sponsored by Democracy at Work, Left Forum & Judson Memorial Church


Special thanks to this month's sponsor: Lee Schadt from Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. Sponsor an episode today!

These programs begin with 30 minutes of short updates on important economic events of the last month, then Prof. Wolff analyzes several major economic issues. For March, these issues will include:

1. Lessons from the earlier fadings of slave and feudal economic systems.
2. Losing supporters, losing legitimacy: Obama, Occupy, Bernie, Trump.
3. Honoring International Women’s Day: System change and US women.

Our goal: To develop all participants’ understanding and ability to explain current economic events and trends to others. We open the floor to questions and comments when time permits. 
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  • Joseph A. Mungai
    commented 2019-08-16 23:00:39 -0400
    “The China Mirage : The Hidden History of American Disaster in Asia” (1:05:57)
  • Susan Knowles
    commented 2019-08-16 15:15:45 -0400
    Was reading in The China Mirage by James Bradley how much money was made from the opium trade – Delano, Forbes, Cushing, Russell (Yale), Perkins, Low, Green (Princeton). Just to mention the university institutions
  • Joseph A. Mungai
    commented 2017-03-11 20:01:49 -0500
    No more corporate presidents (5:27)
  • Seyedsepehr Samiei
    commented 2017-03-11 05:29:02 -0500
    This indeed is a great opportunity for the authentic American left to engage people and educate the masses. If this opportunity is not seized, the Democratic Party could revive to launch yet another campaign of deceit and subterfuge. The only anti-dote to that, is education. People must become aware of their history, of their political economy and of the untold realities within their surrounding social system.
  • Joseph A. Mungai
    commented 2017-03-10 04:17:38 -0500
    We remember the protests that started after Trump was selected president by the electoral college. By 2020, I believe the masses of people will be thoroughly pissed off at the democrat and republican parties. Will a third party have a greater potential to win the oval office? How is Russia doing with Women’s Rights? “Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer” (1:28:18)
  • John Rhoads
    commented 2017-03-09 20:54:28 -0500
    We fast approach critical mass on a socio-economic level and also on an environmental level. It is looking like the latter hinges on the progression or digression of the former and with an extremely delayed reaction. The point of no return may have come and gone or has yet to be. Nonetheless, if you look at the trends and make projections, what do you see? No matter how bad it may look, one must not give up trying to right the ship. Kudos to the efforts of Richard Wolff for seeing with clear eyes and acting with courage. I hope his talks will help others see and do the same.

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