We first want to say thank you for supporting us, especially over the last four months as we've continued rebuilding and transitioning. The message below was recently sent to us from Patreon. It briefly explains the issue they cite as having caused a recent increase in the number of declined credit card transactions you may have experienced. It also gives simple instuctions for how a Patron can correct the issue from their end, if it has yet to be corrected.
Hi there,

An issue with a payment partner is causing a slightly higher-than-normal number of your patron payments to be declined by their banks. We've traced the increased declines back to payments system upgrades required by one of our processing partners. Patrons might see some payments declined while changes take effect.

If a patron reaches out to you about a decline, you can advise them to follow these steps:
  1. Contact their card issuer to confirm the change is valid and retry that card.
  2. If the retry does not work, try a different payment method. Patrons can edit their payments in their Settings, under Billing History.

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We're deeply sorry about these interruptions and appreciate your patience as we work to resolve them.

The Patreon Team

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