Why Socialism is Back on the World's Agenda


Prof. Wolff will be doing an AMA on the Socialism Subreddit of Reddit and answering your questions.

Background:  Capitalism's crisis since the 2008 meltdown has generated worsening economic inequality, political instability, cultural and social tensions. Not surprisingly, ever more people have become critics of capitalism looking for something better. Not surprisingly they encounter the variety of socialisms as possible, preferable alternatives. In the US especially, the (re)discovery of socialisms is now well underway. The campaign of Bernie Sanders is both cause and effect of that (re)discovery.
February 22, 2016 at 5pm - 6:30pm
Bill Murphy Victoria Olson Younger Adrian Warren Ellis Eric Neilson Allen Lipsey Jon Steenhoven Brett T Goldstein Indrajith Weeraratne Patrick Koenig Kerri Griffis Joann Iriarte brian grood Carol A Newton Lew Jeppson Steven Hughes Mary Welch Alberto Andrade Pazmino Fred Heeren eric benson barbara braun Robert Hanna Jean Falco Ed Boyd Kathy Cornely Mary Stoyke JaneAnne Jeffries Alan Sommer Alan Sommer Charles Gregory Edw.. L. Gilmore Younger Younger Edward Duhaime Paul Herzich Marilynn Marsh William Haywood Matthew Andrews Frank Henry kharis Persad-hassan Danielle L Greene Bob Brown Moira MacLean Corey Puckett dianne budd Karen Stiles gary fitzgerald sharon stepman Mark Hommer

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