Who wore red better- Santa Claus or Marx?

‘Tis the season where many people’s thoughts turn to a man with a bushy, white beard and his opinions on wealth distribution. Who do we mean? Marx, of course! 

We’re going beyond the loveable portrayal of a single man making decisions on who should receive what this holiday season, with the help of Karl Marx and Professor Wolff. If you want to give someone the gift of easy-to-read and exciting explanations of how Marxism helps us rethink our economy, look no further than [email protected] books.

Richard Wolff’s book “Understanding Marxism” is our first recommendation for anyone new to or interested in Marxism and how it offers new, helpful directions to building a system better than capitalism. 

For those ready to look to learn more about socialism’s history, lessons, and future, “Understanding Socialism” is an honest and approachable text that knocks down false narratives, honestly describes various socialist experiments throughout history, and argues for a new socialism based on workplace democracy. 

To understand the current intertwined crises of US capitalism, “The Sickness is the System: When Capitalism Fails to Save Us from Pandemics or Itself” is a relatable and useful compilation of essays that argue returning to normal after COVID-19 is no longer possible. 

All of these books contain Prof Wolff’s interpretation of the Marxist critique: at its core, capitalism is the class struggle between employer and employee. Breaking away from this dynamic is critical to moving beyond capitalism. 

The paperback and ebook versions of these books make for easy, convenient books to learn from and share with others. So curl up in your favorite reading spot and warm yourself with the fiery inspiration that we can indeed move on from capitalism. 

Happy Holidays, 

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