Steve Keen: China's private debt bubble is the biggest in the history of capitalism

Professor Steve Keen, the first economist to predict the 2008 financial crisis, explains the economic situation in China, whose credit bubble is easily the fastest growing in the history of capitalism.

This is a teaser from Left Out's upcoming episode with Steve Keen on if mainstream economics can save us from another financial crisis. Hear Prof Keen in another teaser on why mainstream economists aren't experts on money, and be sure to check back this Thursday for the full episode.

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Left Out, a podcast produced by Paul Sliker, Michael Palmieri, and Dante Dallavalle, creates in-depth conversations with the most interesting political thinkers, heterodox economists, and organizers on the left.

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  • gal ken
    commented 2018-02-23 21:42:58 -0500
    Oh! This article has suggested to me many new ideas. I will embark on doing it. Hope you can continue to contribute your talents in this area. Thank you.
  • Steve Greenberg
    commented 2018-02-07 15:42:30 -0500
    I have never been able to figure out what Keen means here. He seems to be talking about private debt, not government debt. Is he still a devotee of Modern Money Theory? Is his claim of a problem consistent with MMT?

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