Study Groups


These Study Groups are an opportunity for you to build a community space to talk about the events, concepts, and ideas presented in our media, and beyond. They are self-organized and self-sufficient groups of volunteers that help bring together people who wish to make a more equitable society. They are community hubs where people meet, talk, learn, get inspired, build networks, and self-start to create meaningful collaborations.


How often do study groups meet?

We encourage groups to meet monthly, but all groups are different and they may meet more or less frequently.


What do these study groups do?

These are self-sufficient and self-organized groups of volunteers. They decide how to advertise and organize their study meetings, though we encourage them to use d@w media as the focus or starting blocks to discuss our existing society and how it could be made to be more equitable. They receive no financial or material supports and do not speak for d@w.
Want to learn more?
Read through our d@w Study Groups - Guidelines & Expectations


How to I start or join a study group?

To join a study group in your area, or start a group of your own, write to liz[at]democracyatwork.info.

NOTICE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we've asked our groups to meet digitally, rather than in person. 



United States: 
• Baton Rouge / LSU, LA
• East Lansing, MI

• Louisville, KY
• Michigan State University, MI
• Phoenix, AZ

Providence, RI
• SF Bay Area, CA
Twin Cities, MN
Washington, D.C.

• Nusantara (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore)
• Roma, Italia

Taipei, Taiwan
• Vancouver, Canada



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