The Critical Hour: Weekly News Wrap Up (March 8)

Prof Wolff joins The Critical Hour to discuss President Biden's State of the Union address, expressing that Biden's narrative of a strong economy is disconnected from the reality of American inequality and struggles. According to Wolff, the president's optimistic depiction contradicts the actual economic hardships like homelessness, mental health issues, and inadequate responses to community problems. Despite favorable job growth headlines, Wolff criticizes the nature of these jobs and the systemic issues not being addressed, undermining the positive spin. He also covers Britain's political landscape, highlighting George Galloway's surprising election victory as an indicator of public disillusionment with traditional politics and a shift towards socialist perspectives. Lastly, Wolff touches on the decline of American power internationally, citing failed foreign policy in Israel-Palestine and Ukraine as examples of a diminishing U.S. empire.

Prof. Wolff's segment - (0:00 - 21:24)

Listen to the full episode here

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