Coming soon: “Understanding Marxism” in hardcover

“Marxism is once again stepping into the light as capitalism shakes from its own excesses and confronts decline.”

Next month we will be releasing a hardcover version of our most popular book, Understanding Marxism.

“Marx’s argument then hits home: capitalism remains like slavery and feudalism because (1) it too divides the participants producing and distributing goods and services into two groups (employers and employees), and (2) it too divides the laborer’s working day into necessary and surplus portions… Capitalism, Marx said, never went beyond those economic models where a few dominate a majority. Capitalism just replaced the dichotomies of master/slave and lord/serf with a new one. A dominating and exploiting minority was still there, but it had a new name: employers.” 




This 2021 hardcover version will also feature a new, lengthy introduction by Prof Wolff which explains and shares our excitement about the ways in which Marxism helps us to critically rethink capitalism today, and offers new directions for social development beyond and better than the capitalism we have.

“To achieve a society that exhibits liberty, equality, fraternity, and democracy, the object to change first and foremost is the organization of production.” 

Professor Wolff generously donated his time and work to this book so that all sales revenue could go to support [email protected] It will be available on Stay tuned!

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