International Workers’ Day with d@w!

Democracy at Work staff share why we’re working for a democratic economy.

While we’re usually behind the scenes, for this year’s International Workers' Day, the staff of d@w wanted to talk to you as workers about why we are engaged in the work we do with this organization.

From Maria

Media Director, with d@w for 8 years 

As the daughter of immigrants, I grew up believing in the American Dream, and that hard work was amply rewarded. Yet, the American Dream, for us, seemed elusive and unreachable. Seeing the world through a Marxist lens taught me that the system was rigged for the rich, and that hard work did not guarantee success. I have since been committed to educating people on the injustices and inequalities inherent in the capitalist system. Working at Democracy at Work gives me hope that a better future, a better world is possible. An alternative does exist. We can, and need to, do better than capitalism!

From Liz

Communications Director, with d@w for 4 years

We can do better than capitalism.” I have written this tagline thousands of times in my work at d@w. Some days, having been confronted with yet another example of exploitation and degradation, I type it out with frustration: “Why aren’t we doing better?!” But then, I witness the power of rising awareness fueling collective action: “I’m not alone in believing that we can do better.” And I know that to be true, because every day my co-workers and I collaborate on our project: “We can do better… and we are working on it.

From Julieta

Outreach Coordinator, with d@w for 2 years

In an increasingly crazy and discouraging world, I see d@w as a place to make sense of the madness and find that thing which seems ever-more elusive lately: hope. Not the mindless, feel-good type of hope that often floods our screens, but the kind that says it how it is, doesn't shy away from nuance, and offers real solutions in the push for systemic change. It's inspiring to be a part of the d@w community with you all. 

From Eric

Communications Coordinator, with d@w for 1 year

When I started working with Democracy at Work a year ago, I moved from a fan of Economic Update to helping promote it. Though the show helped me understand capitalism and socialism, the greatest thing about Democracy at Work is that we are sharing real solutions that address all issues of exploitation, alienation and bigotry. When we create a cooperative economy & a new world, I have real hope that goes beyond election cycles or moments of protest. My dream is to plant the seeds of that hope with d@w so in the future, we can find a new harvest.

From Maddy

Media Coordinator, with d@w for 5 months

At a time when our collective consciousness is being inundated with both addictive, mind-numbing media and a 24-hour news cycle, we need voices that cut through and wake us up. We need voices that help normal, working people make sense of their experiences within an unjust capitalist system, because it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless, angry and confused. I work at Democracy at Work because we aren’t afraid to acknowledge the way our current economic system fails the majority of us. The work we do gives people permission to question the systems we take for granted and empowers them to build a more equitable and sustainable alternative. 

Thank you for engaging with our work. Happy International Workers Day to you all.

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