Catalyst, beacon, indispensable - words of gratitude for [email protected]

Celebrating our 10th Anniversary has been a joy for all of us at [email protected] We asked you, our audience, to share stories and comments of how our work has impacted them, and it's been an honor to hear them.

We’d like to share just a few of these with you because you deserve to hear them as well. None of our accomplishments would be possible without all of you. 

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This collective effort has sustained us for 10 years, and will elevate our work and reach for another 10. And so, these comments of gratitude from fans, activists and cooperatives are for you as well.

[email protected] is a daily resource for a layperson like myself to navigate current events and put them in vital historical context.” 
- Talia Lugacy, filmmaker, who spoke to us about her 2021 film about veterans and the damaging myths of war. 

"Democracy at Work is a catalyst for innovative ideas. Through its articles and podcasts, [email protected] allows the cross-pollination of knowledge and practices allowing cooperatives to unite and consolidate." 
- Dardan Isufi, co-founder of Eva Cooperative, who spoke with All Things Co-op in 2021 about building a rideshare cooperative in Quebec, Canada.

“As critics have aptly stated, it can be easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism. Democracy at Work has helped reinvigorate my radical imagination. Their practical approach to building worker democracy has helped me to envisage a path through and beyond capitalism.”
- Mexie, educator and activist, who joined us in 2020 to discuss the anti-speciesism movement.

"I'm a Chilean worker and cooperativist. I have been sharing your great work with my compatriots and we have been growing up together in the understanding of what really means democracy.” 
- Rodrigo Roa Fernández, a Chilean worker and revolutionary activist, who spoke to us in 2021 about Chile’s new feminist movement, and the work toward building a new Constitution. 

"I am so grateful to [email protected] for being an indispensable source of insight and empowerment to so many people yearning for justice, peace, and sustainability - in our lives and the world around us.”
Jill Stein, Organizer, physician and environmental health advocate, working to break the two-party dichotomy in the U.S.

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