Economic Update: Working Class History and the 2020 Election

[S9 E32] Working Class History and the 2020 Election

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This week on Economic Update, Professor Wolff explores the historic parallels of the U.S. working class and politics in the U.S. He begins by exploring how and why the Great Depression of the 30’s married the U.S. working class to FDR's Democratic Party and then explains how...



Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: Rate vs. Mass of Surplus Value

[S1 E21]

Prof. Harvey talks about the rate and mass of surplus-value and explores why capital is more interested in the mass of surplus-value.that. It...


Puerto Rico Forward: The Boricua Awakening of 2019 and its Repercussions


The Boricua Awakening movement that seeks to oust any government official soiled by corruption or mismanagement (most recently Gov. Rosselló-Nevares) is not new...



Economic Update: Reparations and Forgiving Student Debts

[S9 E31]

Updates on economics of 2 million home health aides, extreme Uber inequalities, Alaska universities 41% budget cuts, Michigan governor during Flint Water Crisis says his critics are...



Capitalism Hits Home: Jeffrey Epstein: Literal Rape by the 1% - Part 1

[S1 E25]

Part 1 of 2

This episode discusses the seamy means by which a working class Jeffrey Epstein accumulated $550,000,000 by providing more than his tax and money market expertise to...


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