Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: The Legitimation Crisis of the late 1960s

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In this episode of ACC, Prof. Harvey takes us through the political agitations that occurred in the US in the 1960s. The various social movements, the Civil Rights movement, the student movement, the labor movement, the women's movement and the anti-war movement challenged capitalism and corporate power, and questioned the legitimacy of the government. The anti-capitalist and anti-corporate sentiments that emerged prompted a counter-attack by the big monopoly companies who saw their power and wealth eroding.

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  • Pasqual DiGesu
    commented 2021-05-27 11:33:06 -0400
    In Summary;
    The movements and details of this Technocratic evolution involving among many things, the increased military industrial trumping over presidential power starting with Eisenhower whose CIA was responsible for the coup of Mosaddegh for Churchill’s British and American petroleum takeover, and encroachment on every presidency to follow. The destruction of Unions from fighting collectively at a national level to just fighting as small fractured Locals for its individual members who were in the hands of Local union presidents who would sell them out to business management rendering them practically worthless, The government supported feminist right to labor and independence which doubled the work force helping the stagnation of salaries and a trillion dollar divorce industry in the name of championing equality, the “profit” of this general salary freeze despite inflation then further increased with outsourcing manufacturing to even less paid slave labor internationally, gentrification of those same depleted and manipulated poor urban districts, the use of taxpayers millions as tribute to pacify individuals from family members to international leaders for atrocious mistakes rather than use it to deal with the problems which are left unchanged for future capitalization, and so many other developments etc. etc.
    Each imbalance and proposed change catalyzed by each group was immediately circumvented, reshaped and manipulated for the profit of those financial monopolies still in power culminating in their becoming more powerful, more now than ever.

    When capitalist powers through monopolization form a business round table to choke the economy of investment as they did in the 1970’s to protect its power and profit structure, when State bureaucracies use the same techniques to establish uncontested power which serves themselves primarily and not the public for which they were intended it is time to force control these financial powers under a different type of authority. An authority which can take over its industry if required using the industries very own resources and workforce in the name of national security. We need an authority which we fear to address publicly despite publicly airing and discussing repeatedly the growing casualties of the lack of this authority.

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