Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: The Ruling Ideas of a Billionaire Class

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In this episode of ACC, Prof. Harvey contends that what we are experiencing is the raw exercise of ruling class power in ruling ways. He references Marx's Grundrisse to help understand how ideas are born and the impact they have on society. Specifically, he talks about the ideas and policies of the ruling elites, how those ideas became part of the culture, and were used by the ruling class to seize back control and wealth from the labor movement. The ruling class is as dedicated as it always has been to the maintenance of its power. The recent health crisis has helped strengthen the ranks and wealth of the billionaire class. And when the political class is given the option of rescuing people or rescuing the capitalist class, they will always rescue and sustain the capitalist class. Neoliberalism is stronger than ever because the capitalist class is stronger than ever.

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